Which Are The Best 10 Famous Fine Arts Paintings Around The World?

Fine arts refer to the study related to all those fields that envelopes one’s creativity especially visual arts where products are practised for the beauty and aesthetic value. In other words an act of art to explore the ideas connected to fine arts. Basically, drawings and designs are roots of fine arts.

I was in abroad on the official tour last year. Here, I met my school friend. It was years long we met. Sipping coffee, he read a worried line of my forehead. I let him know my daughter’s cemented decision to pursue her career in arts. He garnished with the fine arts knowledge. He refined my cramped ideas and vision on how youths are opting for fine arts sector to obtain high prestige, popularity, and remuneration.

What is a Fine Arts Degree?

It’s an undergraduate degree course which avails the interested and desired students to pursue their career in fine arts. It deals with the study of visual and performing arts.

“Pursuing the career in arts?” I raised my eyebrows and delivered an unsatisfied expression.

He explained further. In the United States, the bachelor of fine arts differs from a bachelor in arts. A BFA in the United States consists of two third studies in the arts and one third in more general art studies.

Scope for Fine Arts

The field is vast and scope is extensive and brighter. One can thicken its knowledge by choosing to serve in the renowned industry as a freelancer, or an artist on own.

He suggested to me the top institute in abroad offering a platform for fine arts.

Visit – History of Ancient Egyptian Art

Top BFA Institutes

  1. Northeastern Illinois University, USA
  2. University of New South Wales, Australia
  3. University of Auckland, New Zealand
  4. Newcastle University, UK
  5. University of Southampton, UK

Hmm, he was sweeping adverse thoughts in me of fine arts.

He could note down that his speech didn’t impress me. Being an artist, lastly, he used his treasure of collections to flood me completely with the immense popularity of artist they ornament themselves through their excellent and unique piece of art.

Here, he displayed the top 10 famous paintings in the world. His step hammered my lost memory. Yes, I knew one of it, atleast.

Top 10 Famous Paintings in the World.

#1. MONALISA – 15th century

Image Source – Wikimedia Commons

Artist – Leonardo da Vinci

The world’s most famous painting is the main attraction of the Louvre museum in Paris. The painting completed and he died in 1519.


The Last Upper-Micro-Blogs
Image Source – Wikimedia Commons

Artist – Leonardo da Vinci

This painting enhances the beauty of the walls of the dining hall at Santa Maria Della, Grazie monastery in Milan, Italy. Jesus’s last supper with his disciples is depicted in the painting.

#3. THE CREATION OF ADAM – 1508 – 1512

Image Source – Wikimedia Commons

Artist – Michelangelo.

This art of piece was painted on the center of the ceiling of the Chapel in Vatican city.


Image Source Wikimedia Commons

Artist – Vincent Van Gogh

It is the collection of modern art in New York. The theme of art is derived inspired by the song “Vincent” by Don McLean.

#5. THE SCREAM – 1893

The Scream
Image Source – Wikipedia

Artist – Edward Munch

Oil and pastel colors are collaborated on cardboard to birth a unique piece of art, displayed at the National Gallery, Oslo, Norway.


The_Persistence_of_Memory Micro-Blogs
Image Source Wikimedia Commons

Artist – Salvador Dali

An art by Spanish citizen contemplating people about their way of living and spending time after it. It is believed to be inspired by Albert Einstein’s theory of relatively.

#7. GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRINGS – Completed around 1665

Image Source – Wikimedia Commons

Artist – Johannes Vermeer

One of the beautiful painting displayed in the Mauritshuis Gallery in the Haglie, the Netherlands.

#8. THE NIGHT WATCH – Completed in 1642

The_Night Watch -Micro-Blos
Image Source – Wikimedia Commons

Artist – Rembrandt Van Rijn

It hangs at Rijks museum in Amsterdam. It can be seen a city guard moving out led by captain Frans Banning.

#9. SELF PORTRAIT – Sold in 1998

Image Source – Wikimedia Commons

Artist – Vincent Van Gogh

It was the most famous last self-portrait. A birthday presented to a mother from his son. This art is believed to be the most expensive paintings of all times and sold for 71.5 million.

#10. GUERNICA – Completed in 1973

Image Source – Wikimedia Commons

Artist – Pablo Picasso

Its an art inspired by the bombing of Guernica in Spain during the Spanish civil war. Permanently displayed in Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain.

It was clear by the time that fine arts have vigorously flourished throughout the world. It is a world for the passionate person possessing the inbuilt art of creation and imagination. An art which can express the speech of words and thoughts through drawings and designs.

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