Top 10 Tattoo Art Trends 2018

The relationship between tattoo and fashion has evolved over the years. Both men and women are drawn towards this art and it has become a style statement. Now a day, a tattoo represents a person’s social life, living standard and identity. From a long ago tradition to a contemporary art, tattoo art has liberated. In case you are keen upon getting a tattoo done that is in vogue this year, here are some top tattoo trends of the year 2018.

1 – Animal tattoo designs

Animal Tattoo
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This is a fast-growing trend to get animals like lion or tiger tattooed as they represent strength. Other than these, art lovers are attracted to animals like zebra, horse, dog etc.

2 – Floral tattoo designs

Flower tattoo
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One who has an eye for beauty prefers floral tattoo designs. It is more popular among women. It is popular trend adopted since long to go for floral designs.

3 – Dark Tattoo Designs

Dark Tattoo
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This theme is termed as Gothic. Devils and demons are common in dark tattoo design. It symbolizes the dark side of the person. It is for those who like to have an aura of mystery around them.

4 – Music Tattoo Designs

Music Tattoo
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Every individual loves music. One can express his love for music by getting a music tattoo done. You can opt for lyrics or for musical notes symbol a  per your choice.

5 – Holy Tattoo Designs

Holy Tatto
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The belief in God drives people to go for Holy Tattoo design. The cross is the most popular sacred symbol chosen by people having faith in religion.

6 – Nature Tattoo Designs

Nature Tattoo
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The love for nature inspires people to get nature tattoos done. Natural elements like the butterflies, trees and sun are commonly selected as the theme.

7 – Sports Tattoo Designs

Sports Tattoo
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People decide to have name of their favorite sportsperson or sports equipment tattooed. This theme is popular among sports enthusiasts all over the globe.

8 – Astrology Tattoo Designs

Astrology Tattoo
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For those who believe in astrology this theme works fine. One can get sun-signs inked on the body. Artistic portrayal of sun-signs makes the tattoo attention grabber.

9 – Birds Tattoo Design

Tattoo Bird
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Not only animals, but birds are a popular theme for tattoo design. Some prefer gentle bird tattoos like sparrows and parrots while others decide upon eagles and other strong birds.

10 – Abstract Tattoo Design

Abstract Tattoo
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This is a relatively new trend among tattoo lovers. Abstract geometrical shapes or modern art is fast catching the attention of people.


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