The Best Uses Of Olive Oil, A Product Of Olive, For Skin And Beauty

What is Olive?

Olive Oil
Olive Oil
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Olive is a small bitter flesh green colored fruit with a hard seed in center. It is greatly used as a source for oil making. They belong to a fruit group called drupes, or stone fruits. These are of two colors, green when ripe and bluish black when ripe. They can grow in any light soil but in rich soil, even grow on clay is it is well drained. Freshly olives have unpleasant taste and almost inedible. The olives found in packed bottles are salty as the salt is used as medium for curing the bitter taste.

Do Olives Have Any Health Benefit?

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Olives have great effects on health. Adding olives in regular food in any form is good for health. Overeating this fruit sometimes don’t produce any good result. The oil processed out of it has great effects on beauty. Let’s discuss some of the main points related to it.

Curing Acne

This word “acne” sounds a big worried word for any female. They can swear on anything to stop coming back. For many people, it sounds weird, but others have found effective. Let’s try working out. Prepare a past with 3 tablespoons of olive oil mixing it with 4 tablespoons of salt. Spread the mixture around your face using fingertips. Wash it after two-three minutes. Continue the same for a week and then can be regular on alternate days. The salt serves as cleansing the pores and its believed to bring a great difference in looks.

Olive Oil as a Substitute

Growing hair on body parts is never acceptable but still it grows. So the beauties pull it out by one or the other way. Many females opt for easily shaving it off using any cream or the soap. Soap is too hard and creams may react with skin.  But, olive is a perfect substitute for it. It makes easily glide over your hairy part adding moisture to the skin. It keeps the skin soft and restores its glow.

Reduce Wrinkles

Beautiful Girl - Wrinkle Free
Beautiful Girl – Wrinkle Free
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With the growing age, wrinkles are the most worried lines for any female. It’s a desire and dream of every beauty to keep distance with wrinkles as much possible. Though there are many beauty creams in today’s market, but all are chemically proceeding. Here, eating olives improves the appearance of the wrinkles to an extent by nearly 20% since they contain oleic acid which keeps skin soft and healthy. It also contains vitamin E which is an antioxidant for skin health.

Stops Clogging the Pores

Mostly, the commercial products in moisturizer, it clogs the pores and can aggravate the skin conditions. The olive provides a cleansing effect by penetrating deeply into the skin. Use the olive oil in the night, apply it on face and neck and pat the oiled portion gently with paper or soft cloth to wipe out the excess oil, if any.

Beauty Booster

Olive oil can be used as general beauty booster for many reasons such as it is used as an ingredient for the homemade facial mask. It serves as eye make-up remover and used to care nail and cuticle. Both men and women have found it better as a substitute for shaving cream and aftershave.


The above discussions show the various best benefits of the olive oil for skin and restoring beauty for long, but it never intends to direct to the point to overlook the doctors in any severe medical conditions related to beauty and skin. Hence, step forward to your physicians whenever required.

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