Tips to Write a Job Winning Resume

Are you eager to get hired? Well, a neatly crafted resume is your gate pass to the job! How well you design it will affect your impression on the interviewer. You need to keep in mind that your resume should be brief and not a tedious one. Instead it should tell the prospective employer about how you are the right candidate for the job.

Resume Writing Tips
Micro-Blogs Resume Writing Tips

In order to create an effective resume, you should follow these tips:

Avoid using long-winded sentences

Try to be specific and direct. Clarify in one or two crisp sentences what you do now, and what you aim to do in your new job.

Try not to use Personal Pronouns

It is your resume, so it is obviously going to be about you. However, try to avoid using I, me, my in the resume.

Follow this Resume layout

Here is the basic resume layout:

    1. Lead with a strong career objective.
    2. Education (Recent to past chronological order)
    3. Other related topics include professional affiliations, technical expertise, and languages spoken.
    4. Personal details.

Include Industry Keywords in Your Resume

A nice method to decide keywords is to read job descriptions for positions that interest you. If you see industry buzzwords, incorporate them into your resume.

Keep References Ready but Provide Only if Asked for

Referees (these are people in a key position who can refer you for the job) are the right source to get a good job. Keep in store, at least two well in-charge referees lined up but do not mention them unless you are asked for them.

Check Your Resume for Proper Grammar and Correct Spelling!

This is the most significant caution and cannot be understated. Incorrect grammar and misspelled words leads a potential employer to question your attention to detail and the quality of your work.

Eliminate Unnecessary Resume Details

Hobbies and other personal interests should only be included if they are associated with the position you’re keen about.

Hope the above tips come handy to you. All the best for your career ahead!

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