Ideas to Decorate Your Home Artistically

Decorating the new house you are moving in or renovating the one you are already living in, is like painting a canvas. It is exciting as well as a learning experience and it defines your tastes and lifestyle. Using the opportunity of transforming your each and every room into an adorable and cozy personal space is offered when you decide to take up the task yourself.

Here are a few ideas to artistically enhance the beauty of your home

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Idea One: Make Major Changes

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Apply a fresh coat of Paint to your Walls. If you paint the walls in your house, it can be one of the easiest means to add a fresh look. Opt for a shade that complements your personality and suits your taste. If you’re bubbly and outgoing, consider brighter shades like a shiny red or bright orange. If you are calm and reserved try to go for a shade of purple or sky blue might to match your moods. The best thing about paint is that it is not permanent, so you can have the luxury to experiment with colors till you find the shade that you love.

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Idea Two: Experiment with Furniture.

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Let the furniture define your style. Furniture plays a key role while decorating your house. Don’t shy away from trying something new to give a new look to your living space. You can even try to buy old furniture from a second’s market and repaint and reupholster it to match your space. Experiment and try to mix and match furniture instead of using only matching set items; you’ll get a more unique look, and perhaps save some cash in the process.

Idea Three: Hang up some Work of Art.

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Nothing enhances the look of your home more than artwork. Make a choice out of nature photography, figure paintings, motivational posters, favorite quotes, etc. and pick out the right picture frame that equals the sizes of your artwork. Then you are ready to enliven a bare and boring wall and to make your home really appealing, hang framed photos of your favorite memories with your family trips, people, and locations.

Idea Four: Make Use of Creative Lighting

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Choose from decorative lighting options rather than dull ones. Too much sober shades may look typically uninteresting. Juggle up your lighting by purchasing new, more illuminating options. At the same time be cautious not to use too bold colors of light as it may strain the eyes and lack the warm appeal. You can even choose small sized lamps throughout your home to add some light and flare to your decorating style. If you’re a DIY person, you can buy old lamps and shades from a thrift store and repaint it for a brand new look.

Idea Five: Hang those New Curtains

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Buy some new curtains. Curtains are among the most under-rated and less used styling options while decorating your home but the fact is with just small amount of carpentry work, you can mount new curtain rods and add pretty curtains that complement your furniture perfectly. Go for curtains that have many colors or pattern to lighten up your room. You can use dark shades for your bedroom while you can go for lighter ones if you are trying to make a space look bigger for instance your living room.

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  1. Found this article really interesting as i was already planning to renovate some space in my house !!
    Thank you for these beautiful tips they are definitely helpful!!

  2. A very nice Article. This will be of great help to me as I am very fond of decorating my place . Will definitely use the tips next time when I give some new look to my “home sweet home”. Thanks.

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