How to Crack Frequently Asked Questions During an Interview?

You can never foresee each and every question you may be posed in an interview but you can be well-groomed by preparing sturdy, crisp responses to typically asked questions. Almost all interviewers ask similar questions to get familiar with candidate’s abilities & experience and estimate his competence to do justice with the job.

How to Face Interview
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Introduce yourself.

This is the most clichéd question and yet the most important one. It’s tricky if you are not all set. Bear in mind, the interviewer is no way interested in hearing about your hobbies. It’s time for one-minute gist to sell your professional self.

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Why should we hire you?

The majority people answer usually, so you need rather substantial answer to stand out. Give authentic examples that display you as the ideal candidate for the position.

Why do you want this job?

Use this opportunity to exhibit how much you are familiar regarding the company and, most importantly, how you fit best. Focus on challenges in the job and organization to show your comprehensive knowledge.

What are your weaknesses?

Respond to this question to your advantage. “I would turn my weaknesses into strengths,” Don’t act as if that you do not have a weakness.

Why did you quit your previous job?

Never speak evil about your previous company, the boss, or colleagues. You should have a fine understanding of the job you’re applying to bend this question. You may say that, you actually enjoyed various features of your previous job and highlight on how this new job will give you the possibility to add value to areas that are critical for the current position.

Where would you be five years from today?

Don’t get carried away by your five-year plan. You are likely to speak about goals related to the job. This will tell that you know the industry, the organization and you are looking forward to grow here.

Keep in mind the interviewer is trying to discover if you can play a positive role in the organization!

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