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Self Assessment
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A sabbatical sounds like bliss – if you want to travel, join your spouse at another location or have a baby. You may also want to explore options in another field or country.

When you come back, you find that the professional world looks different. Technology has changed, the demographics of the workforce have changed and even the lingo being thrown around has changed. You carry your experience, expertise and maturity but how does it extend into your future life?

Several entrepreneurs that I meet have had a corporate stint in their early years, and it serves them well. They are capable of giving a structure to their business and workflow and understand the demands of the market. But entrepreneurship may not be everyone’s ambrosia.

You might have to do a self-appraisal and give yourself a rating once again, and this time around, it needs to be harsher than the appraisals your boss did.


  • Do the prospective employers know you?
  • Have you kept yourself alive on social media in a professional avatar? If your name cannot be googled, you are as good as non-existent. Have you left positive footprints of your evolution during the break?
  • What are the latent or unused skills which can be put to good use?
  • How updated are you on various technologies and trends?
  • How can you add value with the combination of skills and experience that you hold?
  • Have you remained in touch with your ex-colleagues? Where are they now, and what do they have to say about your return strategy?
  • Do you wish to return to the same industry?


  • If you are offered compensation lower than market rates, what is your level of comfort in accepting it? What is the income target that you have set for yourself?
  • Is it possible to work from home, freelance or take up contractual employment?
  • What is the nature of demand in the industry that you belong?
  • Do you need to reskill yourself?
  • Whom can you partner with – for employment or any other form of engagement?

Writing the answers to all the above questions, and seeking honest feedback from those active in the field, will give you a glimpse of your future life.

Ideation will follow. The action is all yet to happen.

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