Feel Comfortable with Fashion in Rainy Days

Monsoon Ponte Fabric Fashion
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What do you mean by fashion?

Unique appearances derived from crawling imaginations in one’s brainstorm and fabrics cut through to shape sexual figures, it is design and fashion.

Imaginations, creativity, mix and match fabrics, tonnes colours and rough sketches are pulverized to wrap the beauties in aesthetic essence.

It has unlimited ground, invariably imbued with the sense of calm, serenity and infinite passion for it.

Fashion derives in various fields. Let us today communicate on Fashion in fabrics.

The fabric has variations in its types. It can be smooth, soft, woollen, strong, thin, thick etc. Fashion is divided into two general categories i.e. western and traditional.

The word fashion is not associated with people of any particular region but it indicates the style of wearing which includes dresses such as jeans and skirts with shirt and tops, with sleeves or without sleeves, knee length, one piece and many. Now you say, haven’t you seen all these designed cuts of fabric everywhere? Yes, we have seen.

Actually, the style of wearing is chosen as per the land, suitability of the weather and where we are living.

Designs have unbelievable variations in itself. Let’s focus on seasonal regular and common cut of fabrics used with all priority everywhere and by everyone.

Rain is Here

Monsoon Fashion
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Rain is pouring down everywhere and umbrellas are out straight on our head or we are under raincoats. So what, we still need to move out in our own personality.

Here we can opt for few tips of dressing style which really works out amazingly if pair and matched in senses.

  1. Walking out in rain means playing in puddles. Being very cautious on the step of ours still a drop or two makes its way on our shoes and clothes. Dark colour fabric works out more efficiently here as muddy and water spots are more visible in light colours than in dark. Pair of cropped pants or denim paired with rain boots gives elegant look.
  2. Long, flowy or flared jeans or pants that whisk the floor or land should not be advised to wear as it can be well dipped in muddy or rainwater. Short and cropped pants paired with ankle length boots designs out the attractive.
  3. If raindrops are not pouring heavily then skirts and dresses of dark and stripping fabrics can design you the best. It’s time to rock with tall or ankle boots. If covered legs look better then fast drying leggings can be the choice.
  4. The huge exponent of natural breathable fabrics is all around. Opt for Lycra or nylon wear down to your tops. These fabrics are benefited in fast drying.
  5. Try ponte or blend of polyester and rayon. These are lightweight material and it doesn’t make one feel heavy if they get damp.
  6. The trend of wearing style becomes fancier if added with suitable accessories. Runaway collection of PVC hats, bags and boots matched with waterproof pieces of this season brings out the best in fashion. Go for vinyl coating jacket this season.
Mansoon Fashion
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Fashion, a word that is always in the air. Yes, something that sounds interesting and attractive for the young generation. It was viewed before as if restricted word to young age only but this sector has evolved with great cuts of fabric for all ages and seasons.

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