Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water For Health

Benefits of Drinking Water

‘Health is wealth’. It is an old saying and is true. We all are very health conscious. Different measures are taken by people to maintain good health. Among these numerous steps to keep one’s body fit and fine, water intake is most important and essential. There are various benefits of water. Let’s take a dive in the water and glance over the necessities and importance of water.

  1. Our body consists of nearly 60% – 70% of water. So, the organs in our body are majorly regulated by water. In case of shortage of water in the body due to any reason, our body dehydrates. So, intake of regular fluid in terms of water and other forms is very necessary.
  2. Lack of water causes many health problems such as a headache, constipation, asthma, migraine, hypertension, allergy, etc.
  3. Metabolism is very much affected by body water. Water boosts our metabolism which benefits in weight loss.
  4. Water is a carrier of hormones, nutrients and oxygen to our body organs. The body needs sufficient amount of water as our brain, bones, and blood are composed of high water content.
  5. Drinking adequate level of water encourages the growth of enzymes which ensures bone density and prevents hip fracture.
  6. Water upto great extent helps to shortlist the kidney stones. It dilutes excess chemical, mineral, and salt that adds in the formation of stones. But keep in mind that it isn’t the ultimate source to get rid of kidney stones completely.
  7. It facilitates proper urination that flushes out excess and toxic waste.
  8. It boosts our energy level and helps us to think, focus and concentrate better. It also keeps us alert.
  9. Drinking adequate amount of water is the secret to the smooth and glowing skin. It moisturizes our skin and helps to get rid of wrinkles.
  10. Water may act as your defence weapon against diseases. It boosts your immune system and helps you to fight against ailments like flu, heart attack and cancer.
  11. Surprisingly, drinking more water keeps you happy throughout the day. When your body performs at its best, you have a great day ahead.
  12. Water also comes at a cheaper rate than all those sugar-filled drinks.


Now that we know why water is so beneficial for our body, the next important question is how much water should we consume in a day. Well, how much you need in a day depends on how much active you are. According to Institute of medicine, men must consume a total of 13 cups a day. Women may need 9 cups of water per day. Pregnant women must drink 10 cups of water whereas those who breastfeed may need 12 cups per day. If you feel you are not able to consume enough water, try consuming water-rich fruits like watermelon. Keeping yourself hydrated will allow you to enjoy all the water-related health benefits.

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