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Welcome to micro-blogs, the ideal online Guest Posting site! We believe great blogs equal great readers. If you have that flair for writing and want to share it with the world, you are the right place.

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My name is Sweta Mor and I am a full-time blogger, a Soft Skill Trainer and a Motivational Speaker. Around six months back, I stumbled upon a blog online that captivated me to such a great extent that I decided to be a blogger. Within 24 hours after reading the blog, I decided that I want to write too. That craving led me to pursue my passion of penning down blogs. Micro-blogs is my brain-baby and one that is near and dear to me.

Who this site is for?

Micro-blogs is a quality blogging site crafted for those who have that spark to write in this online world. Micro-blogs focuses on niche topics and accepts posts on topics like Travel, Business, Art, Entertainment, Fashion etc.

Micro-blogs publishes Guest Posts from those who have creative ideas and are passionate to participate and write. If you would like to publish your work online, we at micro-blogs welcome you.