10 Fashion Styling tips for Plus Size Women

The age old myth that slim is beautiful is out. The trend now promotes women with curves. Being plus size is no longer an obsession but is accepted with open arms. Slim or plump; we as fashion Gurus suggest you that any lady who can carry herself with confidence without any apprehensions is a style icon in herself. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Confidence comes from within. Set your own standards. The true essence of looking beautiful is to feel beautiful. No matter if you are on the plus side, you can still flaunt that perfect look by following these easy styling tips.

1. Wear a matching Neckpiece

Matching Neckpiece
Image Reference – http://www.alreadypretty.com/

Accessorize your dress with a nice neckpiece. This trick would draw the on-lookers attention towards it rather than the extra flab. Believe me the trick works.

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2. Add a Wrap Around Dress to your Closet:

Wrap Around Dress
Image Reference – http://dress-ideas.com/

Wrap Around dresses make you appear slimmer and highlight your curves. Choosing body hugging dress with solid colors will work wonders.

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3. Make Black Color your Best Buddy:

Image Reference – https://www.sapphirebutterfly.com.au

Black color works magic when it comes to plus size. It is a trick that never fails. It makes you look elegant and at the same time is glamorous.

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4. Opt for V shaped Neck Line:

V shaped Neck Line Dress
Image Reference – https://www.amiclubwear.com

Wearing a deep V neck line moves the attention away from a flabby tummy. It’s flattering and a good way to draw attention without exposing.

5. Try Clubbing your Top with Jackets:

Top with Jackets
Image Reference – http://www.outfittrends.com

Jackets and Blazers cover up the arm flab and if they are a bit long they accentuate the attention away from heavy hip portion too.

6. Try Wearing a Pencil Skirt:

Wearing a Pencil Skirt
Image Reference – http://venturetv.me/

To become the cynosure of any occasion wear a pencil skirt with a loose blouse. It will make you look splendid. A snazzy pencil fit skirt will make heads turn.

7. Wear High Waist Denims:

High Waist Denims
Image Reference – http://www.luckybrand.com

Wearing high waist denims tucks down your tummy area. It also hides the oversized thighs and makes you look tall.

8. Use Shoes with Pointed toe:

pointed toe
Image Source – http://www.brandedgirls.com

Avoid funky shoes that cause you to appear your legs look fat. Choose pointed toe, open toe, plumps or high heels to flaunt your curves.

9. Keep your Tresses Un-tied:

tresses untied
Image Source – http://www.brandedgirls.com/

This tip makes you look a size less. Tying a pony tail leads to your face look rounder. Let your hair down and it will serve the purpose. Keeping the tresses untied with your hair locks falling on your shoulder is charismatic.

10. Keep a Correct Posture:

Correct Posture
Image Souse – https://girlwithcurves.com/

Take a deep breath, keep your back straight and pull your tummy in. It leads you to appear confident and less bulky. A correct body posture exhibits self-confidence.

Hope these confidence-boosting secrets come handy to you. These tips would help you appear leaner. You do not need anybody’s approval to accept or reject your looks. Every time you look in the mirror remind yourself that you are beautiful the way you are. Accepting yourself is the first step to gain poise. Nevertheless, love yourself, because you are worth it.

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  1. Great styling tips! Especially the fact that plump women can also have a stylish look with the use of this tips is nice.

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  4. Great blogpost 👍
    It gives some really nice styling tips to not only the plus size women but to any girl who might want to be in trend with the fashion!!

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